MIRABILIA INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDSbimonthly online festival, will host an annual event where the best works among the bi-monthly editions will be awarded, that will be held in the prestigious theatre “Luciano Pavarotti” in Leinì (Turin, Italy).

The goal of the MIRABILIA INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS is to become a meeting point among directors and producers all over the world, with a particular focus towards women in the film industry. 

In the festival there will be two categories dedicated to women: in the first the jury will award the best female director, while in the second the best cinematic opera (whether that’d be a feature or short movie, a tv pilot, web serie or documentary) focused on women and females‘ issues.

Our main objective is to promote the work of independent film makers coming from all over the world, with possibility of recognitions among numerous categories.

A high quality jury, formed by industry experts, will evaluate all the submitted works to decree the winners of the bi monthly and annual editions, where all the work that received a recognition during the previous bi monthly editions will compete.

The winners of the bi monthly editions will have the possibility to take part as guests to the talk show “POLTRONISSIMA”, one of the most followed social media accounts in the Italian entertainment industry, that counts over 66 000 followers (and counting), in an episode specifically dedicated to the MIRABILIA INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS. Producers, directors and cast of the selected works will consequently be able to present their project throughout the night in personal interviews conducted by Luca & Max, the hosts of the talk show.

The winners of the bi monthly editions will take part in the final Annual Award celebration, which will happen in summer 2021 in the prestigious “Teatro Civico Luciano Pavarotti” in Leinì. There, the annual Gala will be held and the competing works will be broadcasted, interviews to filmmakers will be realized by “Poltronissima” and there will be the opportunity to walk the red carpet and taking part in the award ceremony.

For the “Best Female Director” category, the winner of the Annual Award ceremony will obtain as a prize the distribution throughout six months of her work from the company “Première Film”, based both in Italy and US and operating in Italy.  

The prize for “Best Female Director” of the Annual Award ceremony it’s offered by Mirabilia International Film Award, with the contribution of the Leinì district.