Annual Event

The winners of the bi-monthly editions will take part to the grand finale of the Annual Awards that will last two days which will take place in July 2021 in the prestigious setting of the Civic Theatre “Luciano Pavarotti” in Leinì.

A glamorous Annual Gala will be held here, featuring the screening of the projects in competition, interviews with filmmakers realized by “Poltronissima” during the two festival days, a live streaming on the Instagram and Facebook platforms of Mirabilia International Film Awards hosted by the godmother of the competition, Lara Leggero and last but not least, the red carpet and the awarding ceremony that will include a personal consignment of the award statuettes purposely made for the Festival. 

A special award will be given to the two Festival categories dedicated to women in the film industry. 
For the “Best Female Director” category, the winner of the Annual Award ceremony will obtain as a prize the distribution throughout six months of her work sponsored by Premiere Film, one of the most important distribution agencies when it comes to independent filmmaking based both in Italy and in the United States, and operating in Italy.
The prize for “Best Female Director” of the Annual Award ceremony it’s offered by Mirabilia International Film Awards, with the contribution of the Leinì district.